Calcium Fluoride (CaF2 crystal) Windows

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2 crystal) is a synthetic or natural material, with melting point 1378 C. It`s single crystal. CaF2 belongs to the cubic crystal class m3m. Refractive index is low, that is why Calcium Floride can be used without anti-reflective coating. Material is sensitive to thermal shock.

Optical CaF2 crystals have transmission in a range of 0.19 – 12 microns.

Application: glass and steel industry, mirror substrate for UV laser systems, windows, lenses and prisms for UV and IR application.

Calcium fluoride windows specifications

High precision calcium fluoride windows
Surface quality20/10
Flatnesslambda/8 @ 633nm per inch
Parallelism</= 10 arc sec
Clear Aperture>85%