Crystal Quartz optical windows

Crystal Quartz (SiO2) is synthetic or natural material, with melting point 1470 C. It`s single crystal, which is growing by hydrothermal method. Crystal Quartz (alpha - SiO2 lower 573.5 C) belongs to the trigonal crystal class 32. It has low stress birefringence and high refractive index. Crystal Quartz doesn't have a center of the symmetry. That is why it is piezoelectric and has electrooptics and non-liner optics properties.

Optical Quartz has a good transmission in a range 0.15 – 4 microns.

Application: electronics, precision optical components, laser optics, X- ray optics and other.

Crystal Quartz windows specifications

High Crystal Quartz Precision
OrientationC- plane (C- axis is parallel to optical axis)
Surface quality40/20
Wave front distortionlambda/4 @633nm
Parallelism< 1 arc min
Bevelby agreement